Schedule subject to change at instructor’s discretion.

Week of Wednesday, May 13

Lecture: Introduction

Introduction slides

For Next Monday:


View the following Khan Academy videos on the fundamentals of the Internet and its material architecture (approx. 30 minutes)

Week of Monday, May 18

Lecture: HTML5

HTML5 slides

For Wednesday:

Wednesday Lecture: CSS3

CSS3 slides

For Tuesday:

  • Read Chapters 10 - 13 and 16 - 17 from Duckett, J. (2011) HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites. Indianapolis, IN: John Wiley & Sons.
  • Lab Exercise 2: Site Architecture - First Steps

Week of Tuesday, May 26

Tuesday Lecture: Responsive Design

Responsive Design slides

For Friday:

For Friday:

Friday Lecture: Flexbox

Flexbox slides

For Monday:

Week of Monday, June 1

Monday Lecture: CSS Grid

For Wednesday:

Wednesday Lecture: Animations – From GIFs to CSS3

CSS3 Animations slides

Wednesday: Workshop Midterm Websites

For Friday:

June 8

DUE: Midterm Websites

Week of Monday, June 8

Monday Lecture: HTML5 Media (and a little Javascript)

HTML5 Media slides

For Wednesday:

Wednesday Lecture: Web Accessiblity

Web Accessibility slides

For Friday:

For Monday: DUE: Monday 6/15 Semester Project Proposal

For Monday:

Week of Monday, June 15

Monday Lecture: Javascript 101 (datatypes, variables, DOM manipulation)

Javascript 101: Introduction, Part 1 slides

For Wednesday:

Watch and take notes on:

For Friday:

Complete and take notes on:

  • Due: Lab Exercise 7 - MadLibs in Javascript

  • Friday Lecture: Javascript 101, continued (functions, logic, iteration)

    Javascript 101: Introduction, Part 2 slides

    For Monday:

    Week of Monday, June 22

    Monday Lecture: Javascript 101: Objects / Plugins and Libraries

    Javascript 101: Introduction, Part 3 slides


    For Wednesday:

    • Research Javascript Plugins and Libraries

    Lecture: Fetching Data with Javascript

    Fetching Data with Javascript slides

    Homework Due:

    Date TBD

    Lecture: The Future - WebAssembly, WebXR, Pyodide, etc


    • Work on your semester project!!


    DUE: Final Websites